The Viper

George worked hard everyday in a big office building. He had a beautiful office that overlooked the river. His office had big, clear glass windows from floor to ceiling. George often had to work late into the night.

One of these late, late nights, George received a call on his office phone. A scratchy, spooky voice said, "I'm coming up," then hung up. George thought this was a little bit strange, but he had gotten prank calls before. George wasn't scared. He continued to work.

About a half hour later, the phone rang again. When George lifted the receiver, the same voice was on the end of the line. "I'm coming up," the voice said, then hung up. Now George was a little bit upset. Who could be calling him? Was it one of his coworkers, trying to scare him? George decided to ignore the call.

After another half hour, the phone rang again. This time, George was angry. He picked up the phone and said, "Who is this!? Who are you!?" After a short pause, the scratchy, creeky voice replied, "It's the Viper. I'm coming up," and hung up again. Now George was shaking. If this is a prank, it's gone far enough!! he thought. He tried to calm down and get back to work.

Just a few minutes later, the phone rang again. The voice said, "I'm coming up, George. I'm coming up, and I'm almost there." George wanted to leave the office, but he still wasn't finished the report he had been working on. He was very scared. Who could this "Viper" be? What does he want? he thought.

George screamed when he heard the knocking on his office door. KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! Slowly, the handle to the door twisted, and the door opened. George peeked over the edge of his desk (he was hiding there), curious to see who had come for him. Standing in the doorway to his office was a little old man with white hair. He was carrying a bucket, a rag, and squeegee. After a moment's pause, the old man said, "Hello, Mr. George. I've come to vipe the vindows vith my vashcloth."

George was relieved.

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